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EnVsion Studio for
Virtual Events & Conferences

Captivate your attendees with annotated and easily navigable videos post-event

Delight your attendees with a new viewing experience

  • Share enriched videos with attendees post event.
  • Add synchronised transcripts, table of contents and downloadable presentation slides in your videos.
  • Introduce in-video search to help attendees find exactly what they're looking for in your videos.

Maximise the ROI of your event recordings

  • Quickly clip your videos without complex editing tool.
  • Create short video highlights from your event that can be used in multiple channels.
  • Easily embed your event videos anywhere.

Gather insights & analytics

  • Track how attendees interact with your video recordings post-event with video analytics.
  • Understand which sections drive higher engagement to improve future events.
  • Introduce call-to-actions for lead generation.

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