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EnVsion Studio for
Sales & Marketing

Reuse existing video content and improve engagement with your audience

The only place for all your assets

  • Enrich all your videos with automatic transcripts.
  • Find the right content for your campaigns in seconds, not hours with advanced video search.
  • Organise your videos with bookmarks and relevant tags for faster content retrieval.

Tell your brand's story with video

  • Extract customer testimonials from video recordings without editing tools.
  • Easily create multiple versions of your video campaigns for different channels.
  • Prepare and modify product demos and explainer videos in house.

Learn from your videos and grow the business

  • Measure engagement and conversion for your videos with powerful analytics and reporting.
  • Add call-to-actions within your videos for more effective lead generation.
  • Integrate video data to your CRM automatically for comprehensive lead scoring.

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