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EnVsion Studio for
Online Learning & Education

Help students learn better by creating new ways to interact with your on-demand video content

Create engaging on-demand videos for learning

  • Quickly edit recorded videos without complex video editing tools.
  • Create video summaries with key takeaway messages that make your content more digestible.
  • Easily reuse existing content for new learning videos.

Improve the accessibility of your learning material

  • Enrich your videos with synchronised transcripts, presentation slides and table of contents.
  • Make videos as easily searchable as text documents with in-video search.
  • Highlight important sections of your learning material with video bookmarks.

Monitor students' learning experience

  • Analyse how students interact with your videos.
  • Get insights that go beyond traditional view counts and track user interactions in detail with video analytics.
  • Identify the most engaging sections of your videos and the ones that could be further improved in future sessions.

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