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Turn Zoom recordings into competitive advantage

Connect EnVsion with your Zoom account and extract key insights from your recordings to make better and faster decisions.

EnVsion - Turn customer interviews into your unfair advantage | Product Hunt
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Find any spoken word in seconds

Save time finding and navigating to the key moments in your Zoom calls by using our in-video search on the auto-generated transcript.

Highlight what matters

Save the most important parts in your Zoom calls with video highlights to easily share the voice of the customer.

Seamlessly connect your Zoom account

Connect EnVsion with your Zoom account in just 3 clicks and consolidate all your recordings in a single place.

Video imports that suit your needs

Import videos on-demand or automatically import recordings for extra peace of mind after every Zoom call.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate with Zoom?

Within your EnVsion account, go to your Profile icon and select Settings. Under the Integrations option click on the Connect button to integrate your Zoom account with your EnVsion.

Can I integrate any Zoom account?

You must have a Zoom Pro, Business or Enterprise plan to be able to integrate it with EnVsion.

Can I disconnect my Zoom account?

Yes, you can always disconnect your Zoom account by clicking on the Disconnect button after you have added your account in EnVsion. To disconnect from Zoom click on the Disconnect button in the Settings menu, under the Integrations option.

The first video platform designed for productivity

Knowledge is now shifting from documents to video recordings of team meetings, user interviews and customer conversations.


Create the system of record for your videos and organise them the way that suits your team.


Connect the entire team around video and eliminate organisational silos.


Improve team alignment through contextual collaboration with video.


Enrich existing team workflows with knowledge embedded from your videos.

How it works

The all-in-one video platform

Gather video conversations from different sources

Upload any video or directly integrate with your Zoom account. Store and organise your videos in channels based on your team's needs.

Analyse the data from your conversations with our secure technology

EnVsion automatically transcribes your videos and makes every spoken word searchable.

Uncover customer behaviours, patterns and insights

Assign tags to better categorise your conversations and help your team easily discover it.

Work faster with video in
3 simple steps

Instantly find any video        

Save your team precious hours finding specific video sections based on key soundbites. Our lightning fast search finds relevant videos in seconds from spoken words, tags, and more.                                                                     

Easily reuse content

Empower everyone in your team to quickly create engaging video clips by selecting the most important sentences from the auto-generated transcript. No video editing experience required.

Securely share videos

Help your team avoid context-switching across multiple tools when working with video: use our end-to-end platform to share annotated videos with colleagues for better team collaboration.

The first video platform designed for productivity

Extracting & sharing insights from team videos is already messy & slow. Not anymore.

Get more from your video

Unlocking and sharing insights and knowledge from videos is already slow and messy. Not anymore!

Your team's only video platform

the platform that helps your team
do more with video.

the system of record for your team's videos

Your videos in one place

Automatically import and synchronise your videos from major video conferencing and storage solutions.

Bulk uploads
Upload multiple video files of any format at once and leverage cloud transcoding.
Easy integrations
Incorporate all your videos from anywhere directly into Studio.
File uploader page
Allow external users to upload content directly into your account.
lightning fast video search

Find video content instantly

Save your team precious hours finding specific video sections based on key soundbites from the auto-generated transcript.

Spoken words
Look up for specific quotes, terms or concepts in your entire video library.
Video tags
Employ relevant tags across your entire team to improve the discoverability of your videos.
In-video search
Easily navigate through your videos like text documents.
Easily reuse your videos

Bring your team around video

Empower team members to easily collaborate around video and share knowledge across the organisation.

Video summaries
Summarise long videos and disseminate knowledge within your team.
Create highlights and collaborate asynchronously on relevant sections of any video.
Time-based comments
Improve how your team communicates with time-based and video synchronised comments.

Add video to your workflows

Connect with third-party applications and supercharge your workflows with your videos.

Enriched videos
Create a new viewing experience for your team with enriched videos.
Video sharing
Share video content with anyone inside or outside your team.
Video embedding
Embed videos to any application with in-video search for more engaging viewing experience.

Build the product your users will love with speed and confidence

Unlock the insights in your user interview videos today

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EnVsion - Turn customer interviews into your unfair advantage | Product Hunt