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Get a smart summary of your user interviews with Auto-Highlight

We just released our new AI feature that helps UX Researchers save up to 2 hours when analysing videos of user interviews.

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UX research
How to use tags to better analyze user interviews

Eddie Forson

Tags help companies categorise and extend the lifespan of insights gleaned from customer conversations. In this post we explore different tactics to implement a robust tagging taxonomy across user interviews and other customer conversations, whether you are a UX Researcher, founder, or other customer-facing professional.
Our pricing plans are now available!

Eddie Forson

The long wait is over. Today we're proud to announce our pricing plans. EnVsion Pro is the best way to align your team around the voice-of-your-customer.
Bring the voice-of-your-customer closer to your teams

Stathis Eleftheriadis

Copy and paste the highlights from your customers conversations in Notion, Google Docs, etc. and help your teams learn faster
UX research
6 reasons why UX Researchers should record user interviews

Eddie Forson

This article explores why UX Researchers should embrace video to get more out their user interviews and usability tests. Video allows UX researchers to capture the logical and emotional context of their conversations with users and better discern insights that can be shared with their team at large. Ultimately, leveraging video makes teams more aligned and enables them to make better decisions faster in order to build products that their users need.
Win your team's hearts and minds with highlight reels

Eddie Forson

This post explains why creating and sharing highlight reels of key moments in user interview videos can help UX Researchers win the hearts and minds of colleagues and stakeholders so that they all acutely empathise with the user's pains and become aligned to deliver a solution that addresses those pains.
UX research
How to write a discussion guide for more impactful user interviews

Eddie Forson

This post covers why and how using a good discussion guide helps UX researchers better uncover insights from their user interviews, which ultimately leads to positive research outcomes.

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