January 14, 2023

Use automatic summaries to analyze user interviews with ease

We just released our new AI feature that improves your existing workflows with EnVsion when creating video highlights from your customer conversations. You can now save hours with with automatic summarization.

New Feature

Today we’re releasing Auto-Summary for highlights. This is our latest AI-powered capability that aims to cut down the time it takes to analyze user interviews.

When we released the Highlights Wall, our goal was to help UX professionals save time and effort reviewing key moments across multiple user interviews. The Highlights Wall enables them to do so while being able to play the video clip of any of these moments across user interviews from a single page while also having access to the notes they took. Key moments are relevant observations or powerful stories from users.

However, we noticed that writing the summary of the highlight became an element of friction because it required users to synthesize the information they wanted to capture. Synthesis is a cognitive-heavy task that could take minutes to complete, yet it is also absolutely necessary in order to capture the essence of an observation made by a participant. Without a cohesive summary, it is impossible to execute a thorough synthesis that reveals relevant insights. These insights guide customer-centric companies in crafting superior products that win in the marketplace.

AI to the rescue

With Auto-Summary, we’re leveraging the latest advances in generative artificial intelligence to help create summaries from highlights in seconds, not minutes. With a single button, you can now generate a summary of any highlight instantly with minimal effort.

Example of Auto-Summary on selected transcript

Once the summary has been generated, users can pick the appropriate tags for their highlight in order to categorise it in such a way that it helps answer the questions listed in their discussion guide.

Augmenting UX Research

Our ultimate goal at EnVsion is to help companies become more customer-centric. Customer-centric companies naturally have greater empathy for their customers. Companies that understand their customers perform better too.

Research is the cornerstone of customer-centric companies. That’s why we believe it is essential to augment the UX Research function by providing teams with the right tools to do their job better and faster.

AI doesn’t replace UX Researchers, it augments them. Auto-Summary is just the first step we take this year in infusing UX Research workflows with the magic and power of artificial intelligence.

Interested in trying this new workflow? Then sign up for a free trial on EnVsion to start your journey towards becoming a leading customer-centric company.

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