December 10, 2022

Save time analyzing user interviews with our Highlights Wall feature

We've just released a new feature on EnVsion to enable UX Teams to save time analyzing and synthesizing insights from their user interviews and other customer conversations. Read more to learn about our Highlights Wall feature.

New Feature

Today we’re releasing the « Highlights Wall » page and taking you to new heights when it comes to accessing the knowledge in your customer conversations.

Through our conversations with UX teams, one recurring pain point our users shared with us is the difficulty they face when analysing observations around the same topic across multiple interviews. Imagine you conducted 10 user interviews, and in each one you marked down specific observations the participants made about their current process. How would would you compare and contrast all these observations across all your user interviews in order to derive themes and insights that informs better product development?

Excel is not the way

To deal with this challenge, UX teams ended up adopting suboptimal tools and techniques like Excel spreadsheets or tables in Notion. One of the issues with these methods is that UX professionals and their team lose the extra context and richness that video provides. More friction is introduced via these methods because they often require users to copy and paste transcript and notes from one/many tools to their table.

This process is incredibly tedious. Given the strategic importance of UX Research and the increasing demands placed on UX professionals, it is vital that we equip them with the tools to make their work easier, faster, and ever more impactful.

I'm glad to say that we’re eliminating this pain from today.

With the Highlights Wall, users can slice and dice through observations they highlighted in their conversations. Tag filters enable them to only view highlights that fall under the specific category of interest and focus on analysing a given topic without being overwhelmed by non-relevant information. Additionally, users can intuitively play the clips from their highlights while reading their notes, thereby analysing customer conversations with full audiovisual and textual context.
Highlights Wall in action

Customer-centric companies use video

Video is the most engaging and authentic medium out there. That's why we firmly believe that being able to analyze user interviews while never losing sight of the audiovisual context of the conversation is a much better and transformative process.

After all, the best companies are customer-centric first. And without a doubt, video is conducive to developing greater customer empathy and clarity of the problems the organization must address to deliver superior solutions in the marketplace. Naturally, our goal at EnVsion is therefore to help companies adopt a customer-centric mindset and win.

We believe this new capability will transform the way qualitative analysis of user interviews and other customer conversations is conducted, and can't wait to see more organizations leverage the Highlights Wall capability within EnVsion.

So why not be among the first to experience this new workflow? Sign up for a free trial on EnVsion to turn your user interviews into an evergreen source of insights.

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