October 15, 2022

Save & use the most important moments from your video calls with highlights

Video highlights offer a new way for teams to save and re-use the key moments from any video conversation.

New Feature

Modern teams record hundreds of hours of videos on a weekly basis in order to collaborate and stay productive. From team alignment sessions to conversations with customers and sales pitches, video has become a core part of a modern company’s knowledge stack. However, in this pool of video knowledge that is generated, it’s easy to get lost due to the sheer volume of content, resulting in information overload.

Now, with EnVsion, you can highlight and share key moments from your videos calls – in a matter of seconds, hassle free.

Save the key moments from your videos

With EnVsion, you don't have to be an expert to work with video. If you want to save an interesting quote from a customer conversation you can simply select the corresponding section of the transcript to create your highlight, as you would do in a typical text document. You can also include notes and tags in your highlights for additional context and better organisation.

Select and highlight

Save hours from rewatching your videos

You don't have to spend hours rewatching videos at 1.5x speed to be able to find where something was discussed or mentioned. With highlights, it's a breeze to access and watch only the most important sections. All saved highlights are fully synchronised with the source videos, which makes them your video chapters. This means that hours of videos are distilled down into nuggets of knowledge that are accessible on demand.

Summarise all your videos
Video highlights offer a new viewing experience that empowers teams to be more productive and free to carry on with their day.

Share what matters

Quickly share the knowledge embedded in your videos with colleagues and customers. Rely less on guess-work and focus more on the voice-of-your-customer and the voice-of-your-team with exact quotes from your conversations. With highlights you can also spend less time on documentation and note-taking as you can include highlights in emails, Google Docs or Notion pages.

Collaborate more effectively with video highlights
Basically, you can add video knowledge anywhere you and your team work.

Get started with video highlights 🚀

If you already use EnVsion, getting started with highlights is easy. Just log in to your account, go to one of your videos, and start highlighting the key moments.

Not on EnVsion yet? Sign up for free here here.

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