November 9, 2023

Manage tags from a single place

We've just released EnVsion's Tag Management page to enable users to better organise their tags. Read the full blog post for more information.

New Feature

Today we’re releasing EnVsion’s Tags Management page to help UX Research and Product Management teams improve the way they organise and access key findings across their customer conversations.

Tags help users to categorise facts, opinions and other findings from customer interviews. They enable them to group certain findings across multiple conversations with the same tag name. In turn, the ability to create tags, together with being able to filter highlights with a specific tag in our Highlight Wall page enables users to more easily derive common themes and other insights in all these conversations.

Filtering highlights on a specific tag via the Highlights Wall

Where we fell short

Previously, users in EnVsion could create or use any tags against their highlights, but they were not able to perform a range of other operations.

For instance it was impossible to rename a tag, add a description of the meaning of the tag, or delete a tag that appears in multiple highlights with a single button. It was also not possible to add a global tag ahead of time. And finally, it was not possible to merge multiple tags into one.

Many of our customers highlighted these usability issues above. Because these issues also added more frustration to their day, they made the experience with EnVsion less pleasant.

We were also not satisfied with the way tags worked. So we put in the work to right this wrong.

Tags Management page to the rescue

Today we make adding, renaming, merging, and deleting tags possible, fast, and easy with the Tags Management page. We're confident that this new addition to the growing list of EnVsion features will not only help UX and Product professionals save time organising information, but also produce more insightful work.

merge tags modal screen
Example of merge tags interaction

Beyond Tag Management

Our goal at EnVsion remains the same - to help companies unlock the knowledge in their customer conversations with speed and confidence. That's why we believe so strongly in arming our users with the best tools to help their companies become the best customer-centric companies out there.

We're very bullish that the combination of modern generative AI techniques, good old brilliant UX, and pertinent customer feedback will guide us to achieving this mission.

Recently we also released our latest AI feature (named Auto-Highlight) to help UX and Product teams get summaries of their hour long customer interviews in 5 minutes. We estimate that this saves our customers up to 2 hours for every call they review.

Try EnVsion today to get all the key insights from your customer conversations in minutes. We’re confident you’ll end up saving hours to weeks of work.

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