November 18, 2023

Invite your team to unlock customer insights at scale

You can now invite your team members to join you in EnVsion. Read the full blog post for more details.


Today we’re excited to launch EnVsion’s Team Members Invite feature, and with it empower entire teams to unlock insights from their customer conversations at scale.

From Solo to Teamwork

EnVsion began as a tool catering to individual customer facing professionals. These could be UX Researchers, Product Managers, Salespeople, or Customer Success professionals. Our goal was to maximise their productivity by helping them use AI for a lot of the heavy lifting in their workflow. Over time, we’ve been adding features like Auto-Highlight and Tag Management to help our customers  do more in less time and with greater confidence.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Our mission is to impact whole organisations, not only single professionals. As a result, we’ve always known that true organizational impact requires teamwork. That’s why we’re making teamwork front and center in EnVsion, starting today.

Expanding To Whole Teams

The latest step in this journey is the Team Members Invite feature. This new features allows customers to invite their colleagues to join them in EnVsion and begin distilling customer insights together.

Imagine entire teams, working in tandem, identifying and sharing insights, and contributing collectively to improving their customer’s experience, so that ultimately their company wins in the marketplace. That’s the vision we’re striving to make a reality.

Team invite page

Expanded Horizon - Unchanged Destination

Our goal at EnVsion remains the same - help companies unlock the knowledge in their customer conversations so that they can build products and services customers love. The Team Member Invite unlocks the power of EnVsion to the whole organisation so that its members may reach their objectives together, faster.

Join Us

Interested in supercharging your whole team to get customer insights in minutes and not weeks? Then jump into EnVsion. We offer a 7-day Free Trial with no upfront credit card required to get you started.  

This is just the beginning of more collaboration, insights, and magic for customer-centric companies with EnVsion.

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