October 15, 2022

Our pricing plans are now available!

The long wait is over. Today we're proud to announce our pricing plans. EnVsion Pro is the best way to align your team around the voice-of-your-customer.


We started EnVsion with the conviction that better tools were needed to enable customer-centric teams to unlock the knowledge in their videos. While we knew the destination, we sought our starting point. That’s why we ran a months long private beta with early adopters like you.

Thanks to many of our early adopters, we identified UX Research as a critical use case for the product. Therefore, it is the first stop on the road towards our vision. We’ve taken suggestions from our early adopters into account and are continually improving the product with their support.

The field of UX Research itself is fascinating, yet it can be intimidating too. That’s why we strive to demystify it through our posts, such as the one on discussion guides or the one on highlight reels. Moreover, we’re constantly putting together more content that makes this discipline accessible to newcomers like busy founders and expert alike, so make sure to check our blog.

We’re extremely bullish in a future where EnVsion provides companies the alchemy needed to turn dusty and long video recordings of customer conversations into golden nuggets of insights. Companies that have acquired this skill will win in the end because they are able to deliver to their customers a superior experience since they truly understand what they really need.

We’d love for you to try EnVsion today and begin the journey to align your team around the voice-of-your-customer. Get started today.

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