August 15, 2023

Get a smart summary of your user interviews with Auto-Highlight

We just released our new AI feature that helps UX Researchers save up to 2 hours when analysing videos of user interviews.

New Feature

Today, I’m excited to announce the release of Auto-Highlight, the latest AI-powered feature in EnVsion that aims to transform the way researchers analyse user interviews.

Researchers Need Better Tools

Through conversations with over 30 UX Researchers, we learned that it can take them 2 hours or more to analyse a single 45-minutes user interview. This figure matches the time it also takes me to review my recordings of user interviews in EnVsion.

Since I’m not a UX Researcher by trade, I felt I could approach the analysis phase of a UX Research project with fresh eyes. And my eyes and intuition told me “2 hours sounds like a lot, Eddie.“ Interestingly, some UX Researchers echoed a similar sentiment, while others seem more resigned or accepting of this reality.

Nevertheless, I asked myself the question:

What if we could reduce the time it takes to analyse a single user interview from 2 hours down to 30 minutes?

Being able to cut down analysis time could be hugely beneficial for researchers and the companies they work at. It would mean that large research projects involving dozens of participants could be completed faster. Additionally, it would enable companies that have adopted the continuous research paradigm to truly keep up with the pace of research. It would also unlock faster feedback loops for customer centric companies.

Introducing Auto-Highlight

Auto-Highlight is the answer I came up with to the question above. Auto-Highlight builds on the work with did with Auto-Summary and pushes it one step further.

With Auto-Highlight, EnVsion analyses the transcript to automatically pick up questions from the researcher and answers from the participant. A summary is then generated for each answer. We also create a highlight within EnVsion for each answer for quick review and playback of the specific clip that contains the participant’s observation.

Last - but not least - EnVsion sends an email digest containing each question and its corresponding summarised answer to enable our users to quickly review the information from their mailbox first. They can always go back to the full video or a specific highlight if they wish to do so.

Example smart summary email sent by Auto-Highlight

This is the first release of Auto-Highlight. It is not a perfect answer to the question I asked above.
The AI can and will improve. The UX will get better too. But it is a start.

And I hope our users will judge it to be a strong start. With their feedback, we will work tirelessly to improve our answer to the question above and deliver more value to them and their companies.

Beyond Auto-Highlight

Our goal at EnVsion remains the same - help companies unlock the knowledge in their customer conversations so that they can build products and services customers love. Customer-centric companies naturally have greater empathy for their customers. Companies that understand their customers perform better too.

Research is the cornerstone of customer-centric companies. That’s why we believe it is essential to augment the UX Research function by providing teams with the right tools to do their job better and faster.

AI doesn’t replace UX Researchers, it augments them. Auto-Highlight is another decisive step we take in infusing UX Research workflows with the magic and power of artificial intelligence.

Interested in supercharging your research so that you can do more in less time? Then give EnVsion a try and share your feedback. And if EnVsion works great for you, then we'd be grateful if you could spread the word to your fellow researchers.

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