May 22, 2023

EnVsion's Zoom integration is live!

We're delighted to announce that EnVsion's integration with Zoom is now live! Read on to learn more about this significant milestone.,

New Feature

Today, we’re excited to announce that EnVsion is integrated with Zoom and listed on the Zoom App Marketplace 🥳. This integration marks a huge milestone that will further improve the workflows of our customers.

No more manual upload friction

Gone are the days where customers had to manually upload videos from their local machine to our platform. We get it - this workflow was filled with friction. Requiring customers to go through this manual step made it harder for them to build a habit of using EnVsion everyday. Our customers - which include UX Researchers, Sales people, and Customer Success employees - are already very busy and we just didn’t want to add to their workload with a suboptimal solution.

We dreamed of a better workflow where customers would see their videos in EnVsion as soon as they were available in Zoom. And we worked hard on making it a reality.

With EnVsion, customers can now link their Zoom account with EnVsion, enabling us to automatically download video recordings from Zoom as soon as they are ready. They can also import into EnVsion older recordings that are available in their Zoom account.

Completing this integration was challenging. Zoom has very stringent acceptance requirements. We worked tirelessly on improving platform security and documenting our processes to finally get Zoom’s approval. Along the way, we learned a great deal about hardening our APIs and security best practices. We’re now in a much better place and feel prepared to onboard larger customers.

Zooming out and looking ahead

Our goal at EnVsion remains the same - help companies unlock the knowledge in their customer conversations in order to ship products and services customers love. Integrating with Zoom is just another piece of this large puzzle we are currently assembling. We remain excited about the road ahead - including the upcoming challenges we will face in this startup voyage.

Thank you all for your continued support. And of course, stay tuned for the next chapter of the EnVsion story!

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