Bring the voice-of-your-customer closer to your teams

July 17, 2022

Do you use Notion or Google Docs to organise notes and knowledge from customer conversations or user research? Whatever your preference might be, we know the pain and effort required to analyse and synthesise feedback within those tools today.

That's because it’s a challenge to try to extract exactly what customers have said and then consolidate everything into notes for your team. What often ends up happening is that notes are fragmented and quotes are poorly put together. As a result, teams have limited opportunities to learn from that direct customer feedback.

What if there was a better way to break these silos and unlock the voice-of-the-customer for every member of your team?

Our goal is to empower whole teams to build the right product faster by providing the insights repository for all customer conversations. We believe, the voice-of-the-customer should be fully embedded where teams work and collaborate. Hence we made it easy to incorporate customer insights onto knowledge management and team collaboration tools used on a daily basis by modern teams. So how does it work exactly?

⏺ Securely save the videos from all customer conversations

⚡️ Review them with automated & timestamp-accurate transcripts

✨ Identify & highlight key moments from your conversations

📝 Include additional notes or comments to each highlight

🔥 Copy & paste the notes with the exact customer quotes in Notion, Google Docs etc with ease

❤️ Ultimately, win your team’s hearts and help them empathise with customers and learn from their feedback.

Are you a Notion aficionado or Google Doc connoisseur? Try EnVsion for Free to explore better ways to bring the voice-of-your-customer around your team.