Store & manage all video conversations into a single repository

February 13, 2022

As more teams continue to embrace remote-first practices, recording of internal and external conversations continues to gain traction. Video calls like all-hands presentations and customer conversations are now being recorded and utilised as shared team knowledge.

But, have you ever tried to search for a video recording or a specific section from a video that your team had previously saved in a shared folder on Google Drive or Dropbox? The truth is that in most instances you would struggle to find what you're looking for, unless you know exactly where everything is located in that shared folder. And this problem will only become bigger as more videos are recorded, resulting in hours being wasted on a daily basis for tasks that should take only a few minutes.

At EnVsion, we're building the central hub for all your videos - a video repository to store conversations and manage knowledge.
The repository for all your team's videos

Organise video knowledge, not files

For us, video recordings are not just another file type that you need to store. We believe that the embedded knowledge within videos is important for teams to communicate, collaborate and ultimately thrive.

That's why EnVsion's repository offers a different way for teams to organise recordings using tags, which is a more intuitive way to represent videos' rich content. Because tags are shared across the entire team, it's also a lot easier for anyone within the team to filter and find videos that are associated with a specific tag, like #customer-calls, #user-research or #all-hands. Additional filters further narrow down the search space and increase the discoverability of any video.

Organise your video repository with tags

With EnVsion, you can also effortlessly find all the important sections within your videos that were saved as video highlights. Notes and tags associated with any highlight can be retrieved using the powerful video highlight search.

Find all your video highlights
Cut through the noise, and instantly find the gold nuggets within your video repository.

Ctrl+F for video

Imagine if you could use Ctrl+F to search inside a video conservation, like any word document. You could quickly find that powerful quote from a customer or revisit what a colleague mentioned during the recent planning session. With EnVsion, videos are automatically transcribed and indexed, giving you the superpowers you need to find exactly what you're after from any conversation. Search for a word and instantly see where that word is mentioned in the video. Welcome Ctrl+F for video.

Search for any spoken word within your videos

Upgrade your video storage to a video repository today ⚡️

Enable everyone within your team to find what they're looking for and break down existing silos created by the limitations of existing cloud storage solutions.

Start building the central repository of your team's videos with EnVsion here.