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You can now invite your team members to join you in EnVsion. Read the full blog post for more details.

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Bring the voice-of-your-customer closer to your teams

Stathis Eleftheriadis

Copy and paste the highlights from your customers conversations in Notion, Google Docs, etc. and help your teams learn faster
Win your team's hearts and minds with highlight reels

Eddie Forson

This post explains why creating and sharing highlight reels of key moments in user interview videos can help UX Researchers win the hearts and minds of colleagues and stakeholders so that they all acutely empathise with the user's pains and become aligned to deliver a solution that addresses those pains.
How Remote-First Teams Use Video To Stay Connected & Productive

Eddie Forson

The blog explores why video is at the core of they way modern teams adopt remote-first practices.

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