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Save hours finding and creating content from recorded videos, webinars, presentations, and team meetings.

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Working with video doesn't have to be hard or slow anymore

Create content instantly

Working with videos can be hard and time-consuming. Supercharge your team's workflows by enabling them to quickly edit and summarise videos.

Increase user engagement

Videos are an important asset for your business. Introduce new ways for your audience to engage with your content by bringing intuitive video search to your website or application.

Improve video collaboration

Remote video collaboration is here to stay. Improve the way you interact with clients, partners and collaborators using searchable videos in the most secure way.

EnVsion Studio

the AI-powered video platform that
Increases your business productivity 10x.

integrated into your existing workflow

Import videos from anywhere

Sync your videos from existing storage, video recording or hosting applications into a single place.

Bulk uploads
Upload multiple video files of any format at once and leverage cloud transcoding.
Easy integrations
Incorporate all your videos from YouTube or Zoom directly into Studio.
File uploader page
Allow external users to upload content directly into your account.
lightning fast video search

Find video content in seconds, not hours

Eliminate time and effort previously required to find video content.

Spoken words
Look up for specific quotes, terms or concepts that are mentioned in your videos.
Table of contents
Find content from your presentation slides using automatically generated table of contents.
People & objects
Identify when a specific person or object appears in your videos.
maximising your content's roi

Create and edit content at scale

Create compelling visual stories using content from existing videos without complex editing tools.

Create video compilations by selecting text from the automatically generated transcripts.
Automate video edits using scenes extracted from your videos.
Create short video summaries & previews automatically.
a new viewing experience for your videos

Share videos with anyone

Securely share videos and collaborate with others inside or outside your organisation.

Enriched videos
Increase engagement and conversion with enriched videos.
Shared bookmarks
Create and share video bookmarks for maximum discoverability of your content.
Video embedding
Embed videos to any website with in-video search for more engaging viewing experience.


Unlock your content's potential with EnVsion Studio

Online Learning & 

Help students learn better by creating new ways to interact with your on-demand videos

Virtual Events & 

Captivate your attendees with annotated and easily navigable videos post-event

Product & 
User Research

Never miss out on important moments from team meetings or conversations with users

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